Who We Are

Our Mission

We leverage community partnerships and resources to empower all students to thrive. We are legally, financially, and operationally separate from the EVSC, and help channel additional funds and efforts to sustain excellence in public education. We connect individuals and organizations to schools to address current needs and support high-quality learning experiences that help students develop skills for lifelong success.

Our Vision

A transformed community where every student enjoys meaningful access to world-class learning experiences that prepare them to succeed in school and beyond. We believe a great education can bring a lifetime of opportunities for each student, their family, and our community. We invest in public education, knowing that with the right nurture and support, children can grow into our future leaders and agents of change.

EVSC Foundation: Investing In Young Dreams

When you were in school, who was there for you? Whose guidance, knowledge, talents, efforts, encouragement, programs, or activities helped shape the adult you’ve become? Even years later, you still remember, and appreciate, the support.

Did you know you now have the ability to positively impact thousands of local students?

Here’s How You Can Be There For Today’s Students:

The EVSC Foundation enables alumni and community supporters to promote excellence in public education and provide programs through charitable giving. As the official not-for-profit agency of the Evansville Vanderburgh School Corporation (EVSC). The Foundation supports EVSC schools and programs by obtaining private funding and disbursing those funds to cover costs beyond the reach of district funding.

  • Eyeglasses
  • Emergency shelter following a fire
  • Testing fees for professional certification following graduation from a vocational program
  • Musical instruments
  • Participation in athletics
  • Professional development opportunities for educators

Why Support For Public Education Is Needed:

Did You Know?

  • EVSC is the third largest school district in Indiana
  • More than 22,000 students are enrolled in EVSC schools
  • The EVSC Foundation is legally, financially, and operationally separate from the EVSC
  • The EVSC Foundation is allowed to invest funds to sustain excellence in education


In Their Own Words: How EVSC Foundation Gifts Made A Memorable Impact

“I’d like to thank you, EVSC Foundation, and everyone else who has helped or contributed to make our baseball field a better diamond for us to play on. Thank you for helping develop the field and for the other great opportunities you’ve given us.”

– Saud, Senior/Bosse High School Baseball Team Member

“It feels great to play on such a nice field this year. It’s a big upgrade from what we’ve had and it’s nice to have the community behind us. Playing on the field we have now gives the whole team confidence, and no doubt will help us in the next few years.”

– Justin, Junior/Bosse High School Baseball Team Member

“My job at 90.7 WPSR allows me to take my two passions of broadcasting and teaching and share them with my students every day. The best part of my day is teaching. I love watching their skills and confidence grow. We are thankful the Foundation covers the streaming rights of our program to enable SICTC students a real-world experience.

 – Kenton McDonald, Teacher of Radio/Broadcasting at SICTC Radio/Broadcasting

“A year ago, a young man came to me with a giant hole in his shoe. Because of EVSC Foundation’s Hamman funds, I was able to buy him new shoes. I was also able to give him a hat and gloves.  He was so happy, I thought he’d cry. The Foundation made it possible to quickly help this student in need.”

–Katie Omohundro, Thompkins Middle School, Youth First Social Worker

“I realize now that the CNA program is the beginning of a bright future for students. It is a new way of thinking that changes the focus from self to others and creates a sense of worth. These students aren’t just earning a paycheck—they are fulfilling a purpose. It is such a privilege to know that this program is preparing the next generation of caregivers. By building confidence, trust, and character, we can change the trajectory of the lives of our students. CNA is doing just that.”

 – Lisa Taylor, RN/AIS Instructor

“Now that I am retired from teaching, I see even more clearly the value of education in our community. I find great satisfaction in doing what I can to support our public schools.  If we all simply do what we can, the pathway to the future for our students and our community will be the very brightest it can be. ”

– Jon Siau, Retired North High School Educator/President of EVSC Alumni & Friends


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