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Supporting Teachers = Supporting Students

The Teacher Locker is a place where EVSC teachers grades Pre-K-12 can receive FREE school supplies for their classroom at no cost to the teacher.  The goal is to reduce what teachers spend out of their own pockets for their classrooms.  Please note this will not be a substitute for parents buying annual supplies as required by the EVSC or a location where parents receive free supplies for the year.

The program started as a six way collaborative partnership between the EVSC; EVSC Foundation; Public Education Foundation of Evansville; Evansville Area Council PTA; Evansville Teachers Association and Evansville Retired Teachers Association.


Teacher Locker is a place where the community can come together to provide free classroom supplies in order to support teaching, promote student achievement and drive school success.


EVSC Teachers will never have to worry about purchasing classroom supplies and materials out of their own pockets.

What We Do

We work with individuals, local partners, and other community organizations to generate funding and in-kind donations for EVSC classrooms. Supplies we accept include (but are not limited to): notebooks, pencils, pens, paper, glue, scissors, markers, paint, art supplies, decorations, calculators, staplers, and binders. Right now, our most at-need item is new or gently-used desktop organizers. We gladly accept donations of classroom items from current and retired educators.

View our “wish list” of acceptable items here.


We are located at the AIS Diamond Campus (access through “C.A.R.E.S.” entrance #29 on Wedeking Ave.) and operate during the school year, starting August 2019. We are open to EVSC K-6 teachers by appointment on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m. Teacher Locker is closed on EVSC snow days and holidays.

Volunteer Opportunities

If you or your organization are interested in volunteering with Teacher Locker, please contact our teamat teacherlockerevv@gmail.com. Our program would not be successful without the support of  partners like you!  Volunteer work at Teacher Locker may include organizing shelves, donation/inventory upkeep, assisting teachers in the store by answering questions or locating specific supplies, and promoting the cause to friends and family!


[expand title=”How do I volunteer? What types of tasks do volunteers help with?” trigclass=”noarrow”] If you are new to Teacher Locker, you can volunteer by contacting teacherlockerevv@gmail.com. One of our representatives will send you a sign-up form and the EVSC background check information. If you are an existing or already-registered volunteer, you can sign up here. All volunteers must complete a background check before joining our team. Volunteer work at Teacher Locker may include organizing shelves, donation/inventory upkeep, assisting teachers in the store by answering questions or locating specific supplies, and promoting the cause to friends and family![/expand]

[expand title=”Who should I contact to make a donation?” trigclass=”noarrow”]If you are interested in donating to Teacher Locker, please contact us at our central email, teacherlockerevv@gmail.com. If you are making a monetary gift, you can donate online here or send your gift to 951 Walnut St. Evansville, IN 47713.[/expand]

[expand title=”I am a teacher looking for classroom items, how do I sign up to shop?” trigclass=”noarrow”]Teacher Locker is open Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4 – 7 p.m. by appointment only. Click here to sign up for an appointment. Your time is important to us. Happy shopping![/expand]

Sponsors and Supporters

Donors of Financial Support:

Judy Aldridge
Steve & Ann Arosteguy
Alpha Laser
Michael & Rebecca Balich
Nick & Maureen Barton
Jeffrey Berger
Diane Besing
Bethlehem UCC
Caring Friends Inc.
Kimberly D. Carl
Terri Causey
Keith Cecil
Ann Corbett
Andre Davis
Louis Duncan

Evansville Area Council PTA
Evansville Retired Teachers Assoc.
Evansville Teachers Association
EVSC Foundation
Laura Ferguson
Kellie Forney
Jenny Isaac Green
Jerry & Kimberly Haley
Erica Haynie
Hilliard Lyons/Baird
Philip & Amanda Hooper
Leta Horstman
Judy Isaac
Sheryl Keith
Robert White
Lino & Pam Wiseman

Dorothy Shoemaker
Michael & Emily Slade
Slopbucket, LLC DBA Mo’s House
Clyde & Charlene Smith
Cindy Staples
Robert & Diane Suhrheinrich
Lauri Symonds
Veltra Taylor
Cary Thomas
Three Arts Club
Tri-State Orthopaedic Surgeons
Truck Centers Inc.
Rotary Club of Evansville
Laurel Vaughn
Amy Walker
Wayback Burgers
Patricia Weinzapfel
Diane Whipkey
Lenore Engler

Staci Kinman
Donna Leader
Connie LeBeau
Kate Linderman
Mike & Sandy Madriaga
Charlie Marshall
Cheryl Martin
Wendy McCormick
Robynn Merkel
New Century Club
Old National Bancorp
Rance & Katie Ossenberg
Public Education Foundation
Karen Ragland
Robert & Cindy Rexing
Scott & Susan Riley
Jennifer Duvall

Donors of In-Kind Support:

Evansville Area Council PTA
Evansville Retired Teachers Association
Evansville Teachers Association
EVSC Foundation

Truck Centers Inc.
Rotary Club of EvansvilleMatt Wagner Design
Paul Davis Restoration of Evansville
Public Education Foundation
Centerpoint Energy

We could not do this without you—thank you!

Contact Us

2319 Stringtown Rd., Evansville, IN 47711
Mailing Address: 951 Walnut St., Evansville IN 47713
Email: teacherlockerevv@gmail.com
Facebook: @TeacherLockerEVSC

Interested in supporting EVSC teachers and their classrooms?
Click Here to Donate to Teacher Locker📚👩‍🏫


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