Educator Grants

About EVSC Foundation's Grant Opportunities

The EVSC Foundation and Public Education Foundation have offered educator grants for many years. Now that we are one organization, we have streamlined the educator grant process and available opportunities building on what our separate organizations offered in the past. We are proud to offer the following educator grants to support educators and students in the EVSC:

  • Expanding the Experience
  • Amy Walker Classroom Excellence Grants
  • Rotary/EVSC Foundation Classroom Enrichment Grant

For more information about available educator grants, read about each opportunity below or email us at

Did you receive funding for your project? Please share pictures, stories, and anecdotes of the project’s impact on our students here. Information about the impact of funded programs helps us raise additional funds for future educator grants.

Expanding the Experience Grants
EVSC Foundation is committed to helping teachers in the classroom achieve Goal #1 of EVSC’s Continuous Improvement Plan: All students will develop to their maximum potential and be successful throughout every stage of life.

Funded by the EVSC Foundation Endowment and other donors, this grant supports classroom and/or school-based projects that support student learning as well as professional development opportunities for educators and staff that help them improve practice and support greater student success. Grant funding will be considered for projects that promote:

            > students’ engagement in their own learning
            > increasing teachers’ professional knowledge and skills
            > academically challenging content

In this way, the new version of the Expanding the Experience Grant encompasses the former PEF Teacher Study Grant.

EVSC teachers and staff may apply for one grant per cycle. Priority is placed on classroom projects and professional development opportunities that help educators accomplish EVSC CIP Goal #1. Requests aligned with individual school CIPs and curriculum standards are also eligible for funding.

To request up to $4,000 in funds from EVSC Foundation for your project or professional learning opportunity, please click here. Grant applications are accepted all year based on the following rolling cycles:

1st Cycle
Due September 30th
Funded October 31st

2nd Cycle
Due December 31st
Funded January 31st

3rd Cycle
Due February 28th
Funded March 31st

Was your project not funded in this cycle? Projects that are not funded in a given cycle are considered for subsequent cycles within a granting year. If your project is not funded within a school year, you are welcome to adapt your proposal and resubmit the following school year.

Amy Walker Classroom Excellence Grants
Amy Walker Classroom Excellence Grants provide up to $1,000 in curriculum support for classroom or school-wide projects that support innovation in the classroom, unique programs and initiatives, and transformative learning. Educators can apply for:

  • Individual classroom grants for up to $500 to fund projects that increase classroom learning.
  • Collaborative project grants for up to $1,000 to fund projects that involve two or more teachers from multiple classrooms, grade levels, or schools.

Submitted grant applications will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • Priority will be given to projects that impact innovation in the classroom, unique programs and initiatives, and transformative learning. All project requests for this grant must be academically based.
  • Impact on the classroom, including numbers of students impacted, and how student learning will be enhanced.
  • Ability to measure success of the project.
  • Innovation, or uniqueness of the project.

Amy Walker Classroom Excellence Grants may not be used for:

  • Materials/equipment not directly related to the project.
  • Compensation of teachers, staff, or substitute teachers.
  • Student scholarships.
  • Materials and supplies normally funded by the EVSC.
  • Projects previously funded by this grant.

2021- 2022 Amy Walker Excellence Grants were awarded this past fall. The 2022-2023 Amy Walker Excellence Grant cycle will open again in the fall of 2022.

Rotary/EVSC Foundation Classroom Enrichment Grants

The Rotary/EVSC Foundation Classroom Enrichment Grants are offered in partnership with the Rotary Club of Evansville. They provide funding for innovative and creative instructional activities that will enrich the educational experience of students. Their purpose is to impact as many students as possible, provide teachers with funds that would not ordinarily be available to them, and to give teachers as much flexibility as possible.

Educators can apply for two levels of Rotary/EVSC Foundation grants:

  • Level I grants offer up to $750 for a single classroom project for one applicant.
  • Level II grants offer up to $2,500 for collaborative projects between 2 or more teachers from multiple classes, grade levels, or schools. A limit of two (2) Level II grants may be submitted per school.

Rotary/EVSC Foundation Grants are evaluated by an Education Grant Review Committee. The following activities are encouraged:

  • Activities that are truly creative and original
  • Collaborative efforts among teachers within or between schools (Level II grants must reflect collaboration between teachers from two or more classes, grade levels or schools, in order to be considered.)
  • Projects that demonstrate long-term educational benefits
  • Projects that are manageable and achievable in the 2021-2022 school year
  • Projects that will credit the two granting organizations
  • Projects that teach or promote values (i.e., respect, caring, honesty, responsibility)

The Committee discourages the following:

  • Funding transportation and travel
  • Refreshments or incentives (e.g., meals, t-shirts, prizes)
  • Purchasing equipment and supplies that should ordinarily be supplied by the school
  • Requests for equipment not directly related to a specific academically-based project
  • Projects in which funding plays a minor part
  • Projects with the largest portion of the budget devoted to non-academic materials
  • Funding for salaries (Stipends for after-school or training activities may be considered.)

To apply for the Rotary/EVSC Foundation Grant, please click here. Below is helpful information for applicants:

  • For a PDF previewing online application questions, click here.
  • Applications must include a completed Supervisor Support Form indicating approval from the principal or supervisor. Download the form, gather signatures, scan it, and upload it as part of your online application.

Application deadline: Applications must be received electronically by 4:00 p.m., Friday, February 25, 2022. Late applications will not be accepted.

Review and Awarding: Selection of recipients will be made by an Educator Grant Review Committee. Notification of the awards will be made by the first week of April 2022, with fund distribution at a Rotary Club luncheon in early May (specific date TBA).


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