Rotary/LFCU Classroom Enrichment Grants

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The Rotary/LFCU(Liberty Federal Credit Union) Classroom Enrichment Grants are offered in partnership with the Rotary Club of Evansville and Liberty Federal Credit Union (formerly Evansville Teachers Federal Credit Union)! They provide funding for innovative and creative instructional activities that will enrich the educational experience of students. Their purpose is to impact as many students as possible, provide teachers with funds that would not ordinarily be available to them, and to give teachers as much flexibility as possible.

Educators can apply for two levels of Rotary/LFCU grants:
  • Level I grants offer up to $750 for a single classroom project for one applicant.
  • Level II grants offer up to $2,500 for collaborative projects between 2 or more teachers from multiple classes, grade levels, or schools. A limit of two (2) Level II grants may be submitted per school.

Rotary/LFCU Grants are evaluated by an Education Grant Review Committee. The following activities are encouraged:

  • Activities that are truly creative and original
  • Collaborative efforts among teachers within or between schools (Level II grants must reflect collaboration between teachers from two or more classes, grade levels or schools, in order to be considered.)
  • Projects that demonstrate long-term educational benefits
  • Projects that are manageable and achievable
  • Projects that will credit the three granting organizations
  • Projects that teach or promote values (i.e., respect, caring, honesty, responsibility)

The Committee discourages the following:

  • Funding transportation and travel
  • Refreshments or incentives (e.g., meals, t-shirts, prizes)
  • Purchasing equipment and supplies that should ordinarily be supplied by the school
  • Requests for equipment not directly related to a specific academically-based project
  • Projects in which funding plays a minor part
  • Projects with the largest portion of the budget devoted to non-academic materials
  • Funding for salaries (Stipends for after-school or training activities may be considered.)

To apply for the Rotary/LFCU Classroom Enrichment Grant, please click here. Below is helpful information for applicants:

  • For a PDF previewing online application questions, click here.
  • Applications must include a completed Supervisor Support Form indicating approval from the principal or supervisor. Download the form, gather signatures, scan it, and upload it as part of your online application.

Application deadline: The Application Deadline for the 2023 grants is January 31, 2023.

Review and Awarding: Selection of recipients will be made by an Educator Grant Review Committee. Award presentations will be made in Spring of 2023.


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