Reitz Alumni Create “Miller’s” Barbecue

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The Beginning

Warren (Reitz High School alumnus), his dad, and a few friends started attending cooking competitions and winning championships with their ribs, chicken, pork and briskets. Warren’s hobby quickly moved from just having fun to a passion to serve others delicious barbecue and smoked meats.

MillerFast Forward

After a few years, Warren and his wife Dianna (another RHS alum) began researching what it would take to make their dreams of becoming a local caterer a reality. Warren was a master smoker and Dianna had experience creating fresh sides, as well as organizing and feeding large groups as her school’s social worker. Soon, word spread of their new business venture, Miller’s, and the buzz created hundreds of small catering jobs.

Humbled & Grateful

Outgrowing their roadside tent set-up, they decided to pursue a larger catering dream: purchasing and designing the first Evansville Mobile Smokehouse. Warren and Dianna are humbled and grateful as they were voted best food truck in the tri-state area. Now, Miller’s Catering has grown into a multifaceted business with experience ranging from catering Victoria National PGA events to catering weddings, receptions and backyard parties. What’s more, Miller’s has raised over $100,000 for local sports teams and schools.


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