Reitz Alum Creates Sparks Construction Specialties, Elite Insulation

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Jay Sparks graduated from F.J. Reitz High School in 1995 where he played football and baseball for the Panthers. Some of his favorite memories include hanging out at Noble Romans with teammates after games and winning baseball sectionals all four years of his high school career.
“I really played with some great guys at Reitz. I had some great teachers and coaches as well. My favorite coach was without a question, my dad, Darrell. My favorite teachers were Mr. Hickrod and Mr. Nau. They were all highly supportive and inspiring to me!”
After graduating from Reitz, Sparks began his career in construction. Soon after the housing market crash in 2008, Sparks started his own business, Sparks Construction Specialties. Creating a successful business during a recession took a lot of time and learning, however, Sparks’ dedication and hard work would pay off. In 2016, Sparks created his second business, Elite Insulation, with a mission to provide quality, clean, and professional insulation services to families and businesses in the tri-state area.
“I started Sparks Construction Specialties in the middle of the housing market crash in 2008. There was not a lot of work available for someone with no history or referrals. I started by doing any job someone was willing to pay for, and worked up from there. I was inspired by the challenge, risk, and freedom of knowing I am the only one responsible for my success and livelihood. I also enjoy building things from scratch and repairing materials and spaces to make them like new again. When I created Elite Insulation, I found clients by mailing out discount coupons to neighborhoods and contractors, then word of mouth started to pick up after landing a few jobs. This entire process has been hard but so worth it. I’ve learned a ton over the years!”
Sparks gives back to EVSC students and educators by sponsoring activities at events like the IMCU Charity Golf Outing, which raised over $20,000 for students visiting Hangers in 2021.

“I really enjoyed growing up in the EVSC, and I am proud to say I am an EVSC alum. Giving back is important to myself and my family, and we are blessed to now be in the position to support students and organizations like EVSC Foundation.”

You can learn more about Sparks Construction Specialties on their website and Facebook. You can also find Elite Insulation on Facebook, along with more information on their website as well.


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