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Many innovative, academic, and extra-curricular EVSC programs are made possible in part through funding/facilitation by EVSC Foundation. Listed below are just a handful of those programs and the different ways they support student success at all levels.

Early College – where students have the opportunity to earn up to 60 hours of college credits while simultaneously earning a high school diploma. On the campus of Ivy Tech, students get a first-hand experience of what college is like.

Virtual Academy – open to students in kindergarten through grade 12, the EVSC’s Virtual Academy provides an alternative to the traditional classroom experience. Licensed teachers play a role online in student learning, and schedule monthly student-parent meetings to follow up with progress, questions, or concerns.

Early Childhood Education – programs designed for our “pre-students” that help shape a firm foundation they can build on for the rest of their lives. Early Childhood provides “learning by doing” experiences that help them establish and strengthen connections with other students, instructors, and the world around them.

Randall T. Shepard Academy – where students can learn more about leadership, law, and social justice through experience in government institutions and law-related programs.

Medical Professions Academy – an emphasis on connecting science, English, and technology courses. MPA helps students develop the skills necessary for medical professions.

SICTC – the EVSC’s official technology center that offers 22 courses of study in 10 different career clusters.


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