Leave Your Legacy

Did You Know?

Endowments let donors invest their gifts to support young people—in perpetuity. Students benefit for years with school endowments. How? Endowments create sustainable income every year for student needs, school programs, and important opportunities that may otherwise be unavailable. Anyone can give to an endowment, and every gift is meaningful no matter the size.

Building for the Future

We are committed to giving students a meaningful and positive experience in school. But we also want to make sure our students have support beyond the “here and now.”  That’s why we’re working with donors to establish endowments for each of EVSC’s five high schools.

Because two donors created a memorial to honor their parents (who were Bosse alumni), there is now an endowment at Bosse High School. 🌹

A former educator and coach started the endowment at Reitz High School to give young people more support in the classroom and on the field. ⚽️ 👨‍🏫

A recent EVSC Hall of Fame inductee created the endowment at Harrison High School because that’s where she spent some of the most formative years of her life. Her experiences at Harrison helped her prepare for her career: improving the quality of life for others. 👩‍⚕️

Wondering How to Give?

There are a number of ways you can build an endowment. Memorial gifts, class reunions gifts, planned giving, and bequests are all options, but there is no “wrong” way to contribute! If you’re interested in giving back to your alma mater or favorite school, call us at 812-435-0916. Instead of making a gift that helps students for one day, one month, or one year, why not leave a legacy that gives generations of students a foundation for life?

Special Thanks to our Donors

Thanks to the following individuals for helping us enhance education for EVSC students:

Bosse Endowment
Brent & Cindi Beeler
Brenda Beeler
Susan Sublett
Phillip DeLong
Ruth D. Kooken
All Donors of the William Gess Memorial
Harrison Endowment
Nancy Nussmeier
Alan Graf
Reitz Endowment
Brenda Beeler
Craig & Mary Fenneman