Fall 2022 Educator Grant Awards Fuel Engaged Learning

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The EVSC Foundation Educator Grant program supports innovative classroom and school projects that help our students stay engaged and deepen their learning. They also offer support for professional learning opportunities. Both the EVSC Foundation and Public Education Foundation have funded educator for many years.

This fall, 26 educators from 20 schools and programs across EVSC applied for grant funding through the first round of the Expanding the Experience grants and the Amy Walker Classroom Excellence grants. Requests totaled over $40,000, with the potential of impacting more than 5,000 students across the district. After careful consideration from grant reviewers, we awarded funding to 18 of the applications submitted. This investment of over $19,000 will support engaging projects in key areas such as:

  • Literacy – through projects like Battle of The Books at West Terrace and A Library to Love at Vogel;
  • STEM – through projects like Rocket Challenge at Helfrich Park and Central High School’s Spark Lab Makerspace;
  • Social and emotional learning – through projects like Self-Regulation Kits at McCutchanville;
  • Family Engagement – through projects like Family Engagement Library at Caze and Family Hike at Caze and Fairlawn;
  • Athletics and physical movement – through projects like the Bosse District Middle School Boys Basketball program and Pedaling for Success at Cynthia Heights.

Most importantly, educator grants this fall will support creative hands-on and engaging learning for students, with projects such as Creative Kindergarteners at Virtual Academy, and Freaky Frogs at Vogel. You can learn more about all projects funded this fall here.

Expanding the Experience Grants are funded from the EVSC Foundation endowment, and funding for Amy Walker Classroom Excellence grants this year were provided by donors like you. This year we also received generous support from the CenterPoint Foundation and Tools4Teaching to increase the reach of our grant program. Funding from CenterPoint is focused on STEM and literacy related projects at schools serving large numbers of students on the Federal free and reduced lunch program. Tools4Teaching support provides access to educational resources and materials available at the store. We are very grateful to this year’s sponsors!

Interested in making a gift to support our amazing educators? Click here or send your gift payable to the EVSC Foundation at 951 Walnut Street, Evansville, IN 47713.

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