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“I’d like to thank you, EVSC Foundation, and all those who have helped to make our baseball field a better diamond. It feels so much better to play on an improving field. We’re so grateful for the many opportunities you’ve given us.” – Bosse student athlete

“It feels great to play on such a nice field this year. It’s quite an upgrade from what we’ve had, and it gives us confidence to have the community behind us.” – Bosse student athlete

“A year ago, a young man came to me with a giant hole in his shoe. Because of EVSC Foundation’s Hamman funds, I was able to buy him new shoes. I was also able to give him a hat and gloves.  He was so happy, I thought he’d cry. The Foundation made it possible to quickly help this student in need.” – Katie Omohundro, Thompkins MS

“The Hamman funds have helped multiple students that suffered the experience of house fires. It supplied the resources that students so desperately needed during disasters.” – Katie Omohundro, Thompkins MS

“I realize that this CNA program is a great start to a ‘fix it’ for many students. It’s the start of a new way of thinking. It changes the focus from self to others…[they] are earning a paycheck and fulfilling a purpose.” – Lisa Taylor, AIS/CNA Instructor

“By building confidence, trust, and character, we can change the trajectory of the lives of our students. CNA is doing just that.” – Lisa Taylor, AIS/CNA Instructor

“Now that I am retired from teaching, I see even more clearly the value of education in our community. I find great satisfaction in doing what I can to support our EVSC schools.  If we all simply do what we can, the pathway to the future for our students and our community will be the very brightest it can be.” – Jon Siau, North High School Educator (Retired)

“My job at 90.7 WPSR allows me to take my two passions of broadcasting and teaching and share them with my students every day. The best part of my day is teaching. I love watching their skills and confidence grow. ” – Kenton McDonald, SICTC Radio/TV Broadcasting

“At Caze Elementary, we are taking 5th graders on higher education tours. Our program demonstrates hope and promise that college is attainable. Because of donors, we are influencing culture and the making dreams of college reachable.” – Jared Turney, Caze Principal

“The CNA Program has changed by life by giving it direction. I feel confident now with what I want to do after high school. My favorite thing about the program is soaking up all the new information every day that I will soon get to apply to residents. I’m very thankful to be a part of such an amazing program.” AIS – CNA student


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