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Each school and program in the EVSC has a unique set of needs. Providing funds, resources, and volunteer work are just a few ways we help schools reach their goals.

Check out the wish-list below for ways you can help EVSC continue to create important opportunities in growth and achievement for students of all ages.

  • Reitz Field House/Physical Ed. Renovation ($250,000)
  • After-School Programming for 1 School ($5,000)
  • Positive Spirit Shirts for all Glenwood Students ($4,000)
  • CORE Experiences ($2,000)
  • Glenwood 6th, 7th, and 8th Grade College Visits ($2,000)
  • SICTC Printing Equipment ($1,750)
  • CNA Program Sponsor ($1,400/student)
  • OPT-IN ($1,000)
  • Health Sciences Institute Sponsor ($800/student)
  • Student Emergency Assistance ($500)
  • Wheelchair Accessible Sand Table ($499)
  • Microscopes for School Science Labs ($350)
  • Athletics Training and Support ($250)
  • EVSC STEM Activities ($175)
  • Hangers Clothe/Sponsor a Child ($135)
  • Sponsor a Teacher’s Classroom ($100 for supplies)
  • Special Education Sensory Room Equipment ($75)
  • Career and College Readiness ($50)
  • SAT Test Fees for an EVSC Junior ($36)
  • Graduation Cap & Gown ($25)
  • Library Books ($20)
  • TI 30X IIS Calculators for Helfrich Park ($14)
  • Board Games for Indoor Recess ($10)
  • Canned Goods for School Pantries ($8)
  • Gym Clothes for Bosse High School Students
  • Volunteer (Priceless)

Additional Items Requested (By School):

Helfrich Park
  • ISTEP Pencils
  • Disposable Headphones
  • Draw String Bags for Food Bank Recipients
  • 1 in. Masking Tape
  • Duct Tape
  • Expo Markers (Color Variety Pack)
  • Plastic Spoons
  • Sandwich-Sized Baggies
  • Gallon-Sized Baggies
  • Post-It Notes
  • String/Yarn (Any Kind)
  • Disposable Cups (Any Size)
  • Vinegar
Harper Elementary
  • Boys and girls underwear and uniform pants (blue & khaki) and/or skirts in elementary sizes
Central High School (Supermileage Team Competing in Shell Eco-Marathon Challenge)
  • Monetary Donations ($500 donation/sponsorship is required for name/company logo to be placed on the car)
  • 24-36 volt Lithium-Ion Battery, charger, and 24-36 volt Brushless DC motor
  • Various Bicycle Parts are used for car suspension, steering and drive train
  • Machining and small part aluminum fabrication (i.e. steering parts, front wheel mounting parts, motor and drivetrain mounting and gearing)
  • Decals and marketing needs (i.e. shirts, signs, advertising brochures)
  • Painting and bodywork expertise
  • Crating and shipment of prototype vehicle, tools and camping equipment
  • Team travel to Sonoma, California
  • Trailer to transport vehicles to Indianapolis for Indiana Supermileage Challenge
  • Any expertise in electrical, mechanical or automotive engineering, design work or model building
Stockwell (2nd Grade)
  • copy paper
  • card stock
  • replace or sharpen die cut
  • clip boards
  • chart paper (small and large)
  • student white boards
  • class set of ipads
  • replace chalkboards with magnetic white boards (not paint or shower board)
  • Kidney shape reading table (Mrs. McCoy’s room) table similiar to ones in othe second grade rooms
Stockwell (4th Grade)
  • #1 most wanted: Front row subscription for Math $10 per student
  • #2 Stem bin materials: examples: legos, knex, blocks, tinker toys, magformers
  • #3 Front Row subscription for Social Studies $7 per student (for second subject)
  • Good Pencil sharpeners
  • Chart Paper
  • Sharpie Chart markers
  • Dry erase mini erasers
  • color card stock
  • color paper
AIS Diamond
  • No Fear Shakespeare: The Tempest (ISBN-10: 1586638491)
  • Who Was Frederick Douglass? (ISBN-10: 0448479117)
  • Warriors Don’t Cry: A Searing Memoir of the Battle to Integrate Little Rock’s Central High School(ISBN-10: 1416948821)
  • Classroom supplies (pens, pencils, notebooks, markers, etc.)
  • Headphones/Ear Buds
  • Newspaper Subscriptions (current Events Class)
  • Magazine Subscriptions (Time, Sports Illustrated, etc)
  • Letter/Stationary Sets/Blank Thank You Cards with Envelopes
  • Inspirational Posters
  • Calculators for Testing
Highland Elementary
  • “Reading Eggs” Web Program

• “Headsprout” Subscription

• “Study Island” Subscription

Make an impact with a gift today, or call us at 812-435-0913 to find out more ways you can help give students a positive experience in education


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