EVSC Foundation Gets New Logo, Website, Mission

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To better tell the Evansville Vanderburgh School Corp. story and build more awareness, Jon Headlee with the EVSC Foundation said it was time for a change.

It’s “out with the old, in with the new,” Headlee said about rebranding the foundation.

The ​EVSC ​Foundation ​recently presented the nonprofit’s new logo to school board members​, as well as a new ​website​, mission statement, vision ​and ​core values.

The rebranding was led by Headlee, the foundation’s marketing and communication committee chair. Headlee joined the EVSC Foundation board a year ago, and with a group of six people worked to increase awareness of the foundation.

“The new brand identity will better prepare our organization for the future,” Headlee said.

After almost five months, eight logo options and 6 tagline choices, Headlee said “Expanding the Experience” was the winner, along with a logo that complements the school district’s logo with a similar color scheme accompanied by a flame.

“We looked at all the ways that we can make this as strong as possible,” Headlee said. “They (logos) work together and support each other. … We wanted to create a quality brand identity our audiences can relate to and connect with to align with EVSC.”

The EVSC Foundation is a nonprofit organization that supports the district’s schools through private donations to help cover costs of various programs with a goal is to maximize educational experiences.

The new mission of the foundation is to: “enhance educational opportunities through the development of individual and community partnerships which generate the financial resources necessary to support extraordinary learning experiences, ensuring greater student success.”

The values are: collaboration, respect, excellence, innovation and stewardship.

EVSC Foundation President Brian Hancock described the new brand as one “that inspires loyalty, confidence, and value … and that connects with our core responsibility of working with individuals and corporate stakeholders to expand educational opportunities for the EVSC.”

Headlee said it’s important to build loyalty within the community.

“We looked at how we, as a foundation, put ourselves out to the community. … We have lots of competition as it relates to dollars,” he said. “So we have to differentiate ourselves and stand out.”

(original content written by Megan Erbacher, Courier & Press)


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