EVSC Foundation Executive Director Receives 20 Under 40 Recognition

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Maureen Barton 20 Under 40 Recognition

Congratulations to Mrs. Maureen Barton for receiving the Courier & Press 20 Under 40 award for 2019! 🎊🎉🥳

Mrs. Maureen Barton of the EVSC Foundation has made an insurmountable impact for thousands in our community since she started with the Foundation in 2016. As the Foundation’s Executive Director, Maureen never stops working to ensure that Evansville’s young people (and those who lead them) get more than just “the basics”— they get positive, transformative experiences in education that prepare them for the next steps in life. With help from caring community partners, Maureen continues to lead the Foundation in making visions realities for young people in school.

The EVSC Foundation serves all EVSC students, no matter their circumstances. From providing aid for high-level learning like AP coursework or conference travel, to supporting students in need with basic, life-essentials like clothing, opportunities to provide support are ever-present.

Congratulations, Maureen!


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