EVSC Foundation Educator and Classroom Enrichment Grants

by | Feb 10, 2022 | News | 0 comments

The EVSC Foundation and Public Education Foundation (PEF) have come together to make a more profound impact on public education in Evansville. Both organizations have served EVSC, students, educators, families, donors, and the public education community for 36 years!

In bringing together the EVSC Foundation and PEF as one entity, we have also streamlined our grant application process for educators. In the past, educators had to apply for funding from two different organizations. Now, we have one unified grant program that offers:

◾ Expanding the Experience grants

◾ Amy Walker Classroom Excellence grants

◾ Rotary/ETFCU/EVSC Foundation Classroom Enrichment grants

We are thrilled to welcome Evansville Teachers Federal Credit Union (ETFCU) as a title sponsor of the Rotary Enrichment grant. Special thanks to our loyal supporters at ETFCU who stepped up to make this collaboration possible!

For a complete list of the grants we offer and the guidelines and application processes for each, please visit our website here.

For more information specifically on our partnership with ETFCU and Rotary, read more here.


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