EVSC Foundation and PEF Announce Merger

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The EVSC Foundation and the Public Education Foundation (PEF) are joining forces to have a more profound impact on public education in Evansville. The newly unified organization will operate under the EVSC Foundation name. The EVSC Foundation and PEF board of directors have also merged and will serve together so that shared expertise is not lost.

“The EVSC Foundation is excited to partner with the Public Education Foundation to strengthen our support for public education. Our combined expertise, resources, and complementary capabilities will help us focus on what we both think is most important: students, educators, and schools,” said Jeffrey Berger, Chair of the EVSC Foundation Board of Directors.

Both foundations have served EVSC, students, educators, families, donors, and the public education community for years, and look forward to pursuing this mission together moving forward.

PEF has been a public education pillar in Evansville for over 36 years and a leader in student-centered programs like the Summer Musical, House Project, and Technology Showcase, as well as educator grants.

The EVSC Foundation was established in 2008 to support Evansville Vanderburgh School Corporation students and educators. It has grown to fund a variety of initiatives like educator innovation grants, whole child student development programs, school assistance funds, and Hangers, a clothing resource for EVSC students.

Kate Reibel, PEF’s Executive Director, agrees that the partnership will benefit the community. “We believe it is in the best interest of the youth and educators in our community for these two organizations to come together to inspire and cultivate high-quality, innovative education and extraordinary learning experiences. We plan to honor all of our existing programs and relationships through the transition,” she said.

Relationships with donors, current programs, and funding for educators will be thoroughly respected during the transition. The organization will bring together existing educator grant opportunities into a streamlined program and ensure educators get similar opportunities to apply for funds.

“This is an exciting time to partner and build on the strong legacy of both organizations. I look forward to new possibilities and strategic opportunities to enhance public education in Evansville as we work together,” said Elisabet Sena-Martin, EVSC Foundation President.

To learn more about the EVSC Foundation and PEF coming together, please visit https://evscfoundation.org/. You can also contact us directly at info@evscfoundation.org or (812) 435-0913.



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