Central Alum Creates Elite Line Striping, Gives Back

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Alex York played baseball, basketball and football for Central from 2003-2006. His favorite teacher was Mrs. Hoffherr, who was the reason he started college as a chemistry major.

“I’d have to say that my two favorite sports memories were going to Jasper and beating Indy Cathedral 1-0 and a 2-home run game I had in regionals at Jennings county,” says York.

After Central, York went on to the University of Kentucky and got a degree in environmental science. He had planned to work in the coal industry. He ended up working at a Marshall’s distribution center in a small town in Bridgewater, VA. His parents came to VA for Easter in 2013, when his dad asked if he wanted to start a company in Evansville. On his first day back, he put in his two weeks at Marshall’s, and Elite Line Striping officially started June 1, 2013.

When York and his dad started, they were knocking on doors and cold calling customers, selling their new version of an old service.

“The original motivation was simply to sell enough work to pay the bills, and there were weeks that we had no jobs on the books so I was regularly second guessing my choice to leave a good job in VA,” shares York. “From our first job a new Subway at the corner of 41 and Morgan Ave. to our largest job at Toyota. My team rocked that project with the size, timeline, paired with other projects on the schedule again I just can’t say enough of how proud I am of our team.

The motivation now is completely different. I have created a business with an atmosphere where people want to work. My business is 100% based on my employees. I often help them get jobs done, but they do it all. Without them I wouldn’t be able to keep up with our schedule and it would ultimately fail. You have to take care of your employees. I love navigating the evolving path of our business. I have realized that it is all about being accountable. I teach my employees how to do it the right way and hold them accountable as well as myself. Accountability and communication are the 2 biggest keys to success in business in my opinion.”

York also shares how much he loves giving back.

“Being able to give back to Central athletics meant a lot. You just never forget those high school sports memories including the teammates you played with and coaches you played for.”


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