Beverly Kennard Scholarship Honors Students Who Generate Sense of Community at Bosse

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Beverly Kennard

Last month, a scholarship was endowed in honor of Beverly Kennard. The EVSC Foundation is proud to receive this tribute to a person who touched so many lives and positively influenced students at Bosse High School (BHS). Now, Beverly Kennard’s legacy will continue to inspire others while making a financial impact for aspiring, community-oriented graduates of Bosse.

Below are just a few testimonies from Bosse students and educators who worked closely with Mrs. Kennard:

Terry Austin, Class of 70:
Bev Kennard’s enthusiasm for Bosse was infectious. She genuinely loved the students. I knew if I had a concert or any kind of performance she would be in the audience cheering for me. I also knew that the next time I saw her, she would tell me all the things she liked about the performance. It’s fitting that the Beverly Kennard Scholarship recognizes a student who has strengthened BHS because she strengthened so many of us.”

Chery Arbeiter-Walker, Class of ’73:
“My involvement with the BHS Marching Band included a trip to the Orange Bowl Parade and to the 1972 Olympics, where our band marched in the Opening Parade in Münich! It took strong supporters like Mrs. Kennard to make this a reality for so many students. Beverly was a big band booster. She was also a true supporter of Bosse as a whole, in ways both big and small helping students that needed words of encouragement. What a special lady!”

Ella Shelton, Retired Bosse Educator:
“Bev Kennard was a dear friend of mine and a dedicated worker for Bosse. The Kennard Family lived directly behind the school and Bev opened their home to students. Bev was president of the PTA many times and was a great Bosse Booster, who worked tirelessly to promote the greatness of our beautiful school.”

Continuing the Legacy

Beverly and her husband Gene were both Bosse graduates and worked together on various projects to support BHS students. Their four children, Rick, Bruce, LeeAnn, and Marcia also attended and graduated from Bosse. Dr. Marcia Kennard Kiessling endowed this scholarship in her mother’s honor in July 2020.

If you are looking for ways to positively influence our society and recognize those who encourage and support others, you can make a contribution to this scholarship by contacting the EVSC Foundation at 812-435-0913,, or donating directly through our website. If you are interested in other ways to make a difference for EVSC students and teachers, the Foundation offers many avenues of support and will work with you to find the right fit for your passion project.


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