Alumni Spotlight: A Multi-Generational Appliance Legacy

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Mike Hagan is Harrison High School alumni class of 1994. Mike and his wife Christie have two daughters, Alumni Mike Hagan FamilyCadence, a senior, and Mia, a freshman, both attend Reitz High School.

Tell us about your time at Harrison, Mike.

I played soccer for four years and just remember working so hard due to my size. I was a small guy and needed to put everything I had into not just practice but time away from the field as well. My goal was always to play varsity soccer. I still go back every year and play in the Harrison soccer alumni game and love seeing the guys I played with and some that I coached at Harrison.

Who was your favorite teacher at Harrison?

It may sound funny but without question it was our Home Economics (foods) teacher Mrs. Salmon. Today she is one of our customers so I get to talk with her about those days every now and then. She was just a wonderful person to be around as a high school student.

What coach inspired you the most?

Without question Bob Gaudin soccer coach. An amazing coach and mentor for young men. He was just straight to the point and a great guy! As a teenager I looked up to him because I could see he was just the kind of guy that would do anything for anyone, his players and adults.

Do you have a memory at Harrison that sticks out most?

The Harrison football team going undefeated in the city and then unfortunately we ran into Bedford North Lawrence. And then again working my tail off to make the varsity squad. I wasn’t a huge threat on the field. At 5 foot 2 and 110 pounds, the opponents weren’t worried about me.  I loved the sport so much that I would do just about anything to be part of the team. If injured, I’d be at practice chasing balls or setting up cones for a drill.  I sold my car to afford the soccer fee.  I couldn’t keep a job and pay for my payment and insurance, so I sold it to pay the $375 fee.  Also have to add my 8 years of assistant coaching for the Harrison men’s soccer team to this question. I love helping coach those guys!

Tell us about Hagan Appliance and your journey in the family business.

Family business is no picnic. A lot of things exist in a Family business that will never come up in a regular business.  Started to get more involved in the last 7 years and really wanted to continue my Grandfather’s legacy.

Hagan Appliance Service is a family owned and operated business. We’ve been serving the community for over 65 years now. It was started by my grandfather, Norm Hagan.  Every person in my family has worked for the business at one time or another. I look forward to possibly leaving the business to my kids or family members.

Hagan Appliance has supported many teams and programs in the city. Why does giving back mean so much to you?

That’s an easy one. I know it is for the kids! We have a very giving community we live for youth sports and programs. I am proud to be a small part of that.

You can visit Hagan Appliance at and their Facebook page Hagan Appliance Service

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