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Message from President Jeffrey Berger

“I’m sure you will agree that growing up has never been easy. Today, kids face many hurdles and more challenges than ever, but thanks to dedicated EVSC teachers and staff, innovative programs and the support of the EVSC Foundation, they have more opportunities than ever.

With your help, the EVSC Foundation supports education in many different ways from making sure students have clothing and eyeglasses, giving them a chance to find confidence through the arts, to supporting programs that will place them in careers after graduation.

When you support the EVSC Foundation, you’re making a direct and powerful investment in the futures of more than 22,000 students right here in our community. Thank you for your generous support.” – Jeffrey Berger, EVSC Foundation President


How Your Support Makes a Difference for EVSC’s Young People:

Students like Yasmeen are earning a CNA certification that leads to a career upon graduation.
  • “The CNA program gave me the hope to be successful in life and follow my dreams. I thought I wasn’t  going to be anything, but now I know my future is going to be better than I imagined.” -Yasmeen, Student
Educators like Katie can maximize resources and address student needs immediately.
  • “I was able to buy new shoes, a hat, and gloves for a student. Not only did he thank me, he came back a second time and thanked me. This student was able to focus on his studies and not the need for shoes.” -Katie, Youth First Social Worker
Caze School is making dreams of college reachable.
  • “We are taking 5th grade students to five major, local universities to demonstrate that we believe they are destined for great things. Our goal is to impact the thinking of our students so they experience what their lives can be like.” -Jared Turney, Principal


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