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Thanks to your generosity, we gave over
$602,000 to EVSC in 2015.  

That is right - over $602,000 in donations
supported students in ways your tax dollars could not. 


We are deeply grateful for your trust and faith in our  mission to support the students and teachers of the EVSC.

~ Your EVSC Foundation Board of Directors

St. Louis Field Trip 2010 092


Support the Sciences with experience and project based learning!


Encourage students to enjoy science by volunteering your time and knowledge to speak in classes, partner with STEM or MakerSpace projects, and donate to support existing and new programs.  Contact us giving@evsc.k12.in.us for more information.


Student Response FundWe love planting seeds of success! The EVSC Office of Development is excited to announce a new partnership fund with the EVSC Foundation, the Student Response Fund. With this fund, we are able to immediately help students by removing barriers that block student success and learning.

Donate to the Fund Today


lab 004Health Sciences and Medical Professions Academy


Health occupations are in demand and EVSC students are meeting the challenge.

Central High School hosts the Medical Professions Academy preparing students for careers in the Medical field. More equipment and funds for observations are needed. Donate today!

SICTC hosts the Health Sciences program which trains students for careers in health, medicine, and animal fields. Clinical experiences in real health settings are part of the course work.  Learn more at the SICTC website.


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